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What are plasma paintings, or PlasmaGlass?
The PlasmaGlass is a planar glass structure filled with rarefied inert gas. The gas, excited by a power supply located at the backside of the unit, glows with a lot of constantly moving plasma tendrils - practically, miniature lightnings. These lightnings activate special phosphor dyes inside the PlasmaGlass, which emit visible light - green, red, blue, and any of their combinations.

By manipulating gas mixes, phosphor colors, power supply options and glass form shapes, we discover a whole new world of artistic possibilites, and are happy to share them with you.
Technology applications
Where PlasmaGlass can be used? These examples may give a hint to your imagination!
Indoor and outdoor advertising
High contrast, saturated colors and unpredictable, constantly moving and never repeating lightnings attract attention like nothing else. Neon advertising used one dimension (linear tubes), and PlasmaGlass adds the second, while retaining all the advantages of classical neon signs.
Interior design and decoration
Wall, floor, or furniture with installed PlasmaGlass pieces are the ultimate way to enhance the visual experience for your customers. Plasma paintings create a unique atmosphere at the intersection of steampunk and retrofuturism.
Gadgets and souvenirs
The glass contour shape can be adjusted in many ways, thus resulting in a great variety of possible stylizatons along with wide size and color range. You can get a batch of your company PlasmaGlass logos, country flags, character silhouette or anything else.
Science museums and exhibitions
Captured plasma has been always very attractive to kids (and their parents) of all ages. An exhibit that visually demonstrates several physical phenomena - for example, electrically ionized plasma and the principle of the action of phosphors - will be an ornament of any science museum or an educational center.
Image Gallery
Watch some of our PlasmaGlass finished pieces and WIPs
PlasmaGlass videos
Photos and text description are unable to represent the beauty of plasma paintings.
Have a glance of them in motion!
Shop and catalog
These are ready-made pieces available for purchase
Size: 40 cm
4-leaf clover
Size: 40 cm
Size: 40 cm
Size: 25 cm
Size: 40 cm (length)
Size: 35 cm
Out of stock
Large disc
Size: 80 cm
Height: 40 cm
The Witcher logo
Size: 25 cm
Miss MaryJane
Size: 20 cm
Made-to-order Small
Size: less than 30 cm
Made-to-order Medium
Size: 30 to 50 cm
Large Green
Size 780 mm
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Shipping time (Europe, US, Asia) is about 4-7 days for express and 10-30 days for economy shipping.

Shipping costs are calculated on checkout and depend on order weight (usually its 30-80 EUR).
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